An open letter to James Kohler

We are writing to thank you for the time and love you shared with our town and community while serving as a Hays County Constable.

Your dedication to your community has been shown in so many ways. You were always ready to support our schools and students by being avalable to help individuals or groups. Such things as helping a student in need or proudly leading our teams and organizations to their games and other events.

You could be depended on in times of sorrow to be there to comfort the families and if necessary to escort them to a final resting place.

We always knew we could count on you – whether helping with the MDA Telethon or other community events, helping to unlock a vehicle, or checking neighborhoods for problems or threats. We especially remember your checking on our nephew who suffered with muscular dystrophy when he was staying with us.

Thanks also to Sandra for her continued support of you and the community. She was always there with a smile and helping hand.

Finally our love and thanks to both of you. We will miss “the man in the green car” but are grateful for him and his service.

We are blessed to have you in our county.

Our love and prayers for you and your family.

Deanna and Ernest “Bubba” Kimbro

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