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Fluoride? Get ready to vote

The decision on whether Buda would reintroduce fluoride into the city’s water system will now rest in the hands of voters.

In a stunning turn of events, the Buda City Council voted 5-2 Tuesday to add the fluoride issue to the Nov. 17 election ballot. Council members Wiley Hopkins and Eileen Altmiller voted against placing the fluoride issue as a referendum item.

Buda’s city leaders’ decision came before a scheduled public hearing on the controversial item, which drew a standing-room only crowd at Buda City Hall.

Many who attended Tuesday’s meeting were intending to speak in opposition to the city’s plan to reintroduce fluoride into the city’s water system. Several residents who were there were also in support of fluoridation.

Prior to the hearing, the city council went into executive session for roughly a 30 minute period before seeking to turn the issue into a referendum item.

However, council members did not offer an explanation on the dais as to why they reached their decision.

Despite the news, residents who came to voice their opinion on the matter opted to speak during the public hearing.

Eighteen people, some of whom were not Buda residents, stayed to voice their disapproval of Buda adding fluoride to the water.

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