Who really reads and understands?

A few months ago, in the health section of one of my news magazines, was an article that in essence said we don’t have to die. I quote. “Eating vegetables reduces your chances of dying.” Researchers determined that eating seven ½ cup portions of fruits and veggies per day reduces your chances of dying 42%. And later in another issue of the same magazine was an article that said that people who use cussing to express themselves are less likely to lie to you. I received three times via email friends a notice that Feb 2017 was a lucky month that will find you richer  because it  happens only once every 823 years because this month has 4 Sunday, 4 Mondays, etc …4 of all the days of the week. Pass this to three people.

My dear friends, dying is 100%. And common sense declares to me that cussers are more immoral than non-cussers and more likely to lie. And every February has 4 days of each day of the week, a leap year February having 5 of one day of the week. Who invents this stuff: Dummy non-science majors or people just having a laugh making internet jokes? But even more crazy is who reads this and takes it seriously without seeing the intrinsic flaws in such reasoning? Who is it that is so glaringly deficient in critical reading skills? The answer: Lotsa people. But they could have an excuse: they were never taught to read into words, phrases, and passages.

Even more tragic are the people who are well aware of facts and deliberately choose to ignore them for the sake of their social or political agendas. In the case of mega thug Michael Brown, who robbed a convenience store on video and who was later shot dead while struggling to take a gun from the policeman, the conclusive evidence is ignored. Still people are holding their hands over their heads in tribute to the fictitious surrender of Brown before he was shot. And then there’s the women’s march. Individuals, when interviewed spewed 4 words that they’d memorized: misogynist, racist, xenophobe, and transphobe. And when asked why they were protesting Trump, a lot of them said they’re afraid of what he might do. Afraid? Please … give them a coloring book, a box of juice, and a blue ribbon for participating and maybe they’ll go home with a sense of achievement.

Do we have an immigration problem? The Hollywood heavy thinkers think we should just open our borders to everyone. When someone runs them over and 85 others in a stolen truck would they change their minds? Not likely to happen anyway. These pampered millionaires live in gated communities with bodyguards and limo drivers and have someone do their cooking and grocery shopping for them.They don’t have to think like the rest of us do and they sure don’t. Do we want the same problems as Germany and France have? From their speeches it would seem that they do, and they have people who follow their reasoning. They are the ones who live their lives believing that reality is in the mind of the beholder. They think sin and evil do not exist and there are no absolutes, for it is absolutes that form common reality which they deny.

No country is as magnanimous as the USA when it comes to providing relief to those of other countries who have met tragedy. We send Americans to die for them. No country is more inclusive, to a fault even, than the USA. If pro-refugee people want to protest then may they march in front of the Saudi embassy and others whose countries refuse to take any refugees from the Middle East. As it stands we really have to know who is in our country, who is bleeding our social services and educational system and at the same time possibly plotting mass murder.

The far left and pop culture, the believers in a man made utopian world by removing borders, espouse destruction of our despised culture, values, and religious convictions. In this mindset they would destroy themselves, all for the promises of a utopian society. Hey, it worked so well for the USSR.

Ray Wolbrecht is a retired dentist from Kyle and an interesting individual. His column is always called “I could be wrong” as he suggested that title. You decide.


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