Former Lehman student arrested for alleged gun threat

A 14-year-old former Lehman High student was arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat after authorities caught wind of an alleged online threat to bring a gun to the campus.

Hays County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Lt. Dennis Gutierrez said several people saw the alleged threat online Thursday evening and immediately reported it to authorities.

Gutierrez said the HCSO located the student and questioned at his home. After talking to the student, authorities discovered the threat was made and charged the student with making a terroristic threat, which is a Class B misdemeanor.

The student was taken to the Hays County Juvenile Detention Center. It’s unknown at this time if the student is still at the HCJDC.

In a letter to parents, Denisha Presley, Lehman High principal, said she was informed of the gun threat Thursday evening, which involved a student bringing a gun to school.

According to a Hays CISD press release, the student was a freshman at Lehman High and had recently left enrollment from the campus last week. Presley said in her letter the student is not enrolled in Hays CISD.

Once learning of the threat, Presley said campus administration, along with district officials and the HCSO, conducted an investigation. The student was detained before sunrise Friday, Presley said in her letter.

“We are confident that Lehman High School is not currently in danger, but maintain a commitment to high level monitoring and awareness to ensure the safety of our students and staff,” Presley said in her letter.

She added the Lehman High administrative team is adjusting schedules to have a stronger presence on campus today.

“I am committed to ensuring that Lehman High School is a safe school that fosters and focuses on quality teaching and learning. Thank you for your partnership and support in making that happen,” Presley said

Gutierrez said the HCSO takes any type of school threats made by juveniles seriously.

“If we deem some credibility (to a threat), we will arrest a juvenile,” Gutierrez said. “They may think it’s cute, but we think it’s serious.”

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