Time for a change?

Time for a culture change for Hays High football? Quite possibly the case.

For the past three season,s ever since Hays moved up to 6A in 2014 the Hays Rebels football team has been 12-18 in three seasons. I understand that moving to 6A was going to be a big challenge and Hays would have their work cut out for them, but to see the team struggling on offense and defense, there in all honesty are no excuses.

I’ve talked with another football parent last year and he was saying that the lack of commitment in the offseason and during the season is evident. There is no shame in losing to Lake Travis or Westlake, and there’s no shame in getting blown out against those two, but to see the team flat and noncompetitive is inexcusable and something has to change and it starts with coaching and a change of mindset.

The things that have hurt us the past three years is the lack of hard work put in during the offseason as well as not being prepared mentally and physically for the games especially against Lake Travis and Westlake.

In LaHue’s first season, Hays won the district title and advanced to the area round and finished 9-3 after getting totally annihilated by Rouse on a freezing night in Round Rock, but that was with the talent that he inherited from Blake Feldt who left for Permian after the 2012 season.

The mindset has to change and what is in the best interest is a coaching change and a change of mindset. To be fair, I knew Hays was going to have trouble with this district but the lack of commitment during offseason and season and lack of preparation for games and the stale play calling is inexcusable.

I’m not trying to make personal attacks, I’m just stating the facts and want to be fair but honest. To be fair, Hays fans knew this new classification would be very difficult and we’ve seen it but the culture of Hays Rebel football has to change and it starts with coaching, because if Hays doesn’t make changes, they will go nowhere.

Jake Pinner

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