In Support of Students

I support students expressing their views and being proactive. However, when they proceed to protest during school hours, which breaks the law, their action disrupts the learning process and the education to others as well as themselves.

The march on Feb. 16th showed defiance and disrespect for the laws of this country in which they live, receive their education, and other benefits at taxpayers’ expense.

It is questionable what was learned, protesting during school time, a law that they don’t want enforced. Substantially, it was a ploy to get out of class without concern for the learning process.

In communicating with Superintendent McKie concerning the protest march, he did admit that the school district of Hays does not condone their actions during school hours. He would not discuss the punishment given to the students due to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. However, he assured me punishment was in place for the students who left school during the march. In addition, he commented any further protests of this type will be controlled and not allowed without consequences.

These students need to concentrate on their education to benefit themselves in the future. Protesting of any kind needs to be accomplished outside of school hours and with parental supervision.

We, as taxpayers who pay and support the schools, need our dollars to be utilized for the betterment of all students. All students do need to abide and adhere to the school policies and laws and not disrupt the learning process for others and themselves. We, the taxpayers, deserve this respect.

God Bless America and God Bless and keep all students safe.

Renee S. Hill


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