San Marcos River fight is on

This letter concerns most citizens of Hays County and surrounding areas. It is of the utmost importance that each of us contact Tx St Senator Judith Zafferini’s office and demand a town hall meeting with her in regards to her legislation to make San Marcos the sole owner of the San Marcos River.

Just who gave her the permission to file a bill to take our river that for centuries has belonged to the citizens of the State of Texas and turn it over to the city of San Marcos? Do we stick our noses in trying to pass legislation that will affect  the Rio Grande River and her city of Laredo? Just who does she represent, the citizens of San Marcos or the city of San Marcos? We are all very aware of the fact that the city of SM has been trying to take control of the San Marcos River for quite some time under the pretext that they would make the better guardian of our river. They can’t even take care of our streets and infrastructure much less of our beautiful river.

Our city officials already have in place plenty of restrictions: No Fishing from bridge; No Jumping from bridge; Curfew-11pm; No homeless allowed (park rangers are always trying to rid the homeless from our parks); No drinking; No glass bottles; No using park after major or minor flooding has occurred (even though nothing serious has occurred); and many other restrictions. But, they are very glad to have hundreds of tubers and kayakers invade our river so they can make money at the expense of San Marcos citizens who can’t use their own river because of all these invaders who come and make a mess and swimming very dangerous because they are everywhere (especially kayakers). 

I have tried to call Sen. Zafferini to demand a townhall meeting so she can listen to her constituents tell her to her face that we do not want the city to own our river, and to assure her that if her bill passes, this will be her last term in office. I will do the most that I can to make sure she or the San Marcos  city counmcil members are not re-elected again.

Ezekiel Enriquez, Sr.

San Marcos

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