Rep. Isaac’s trojan horse

Rep. Jason Isaac has proclaimed himself and Sen. Donna Campbell as co-saviors of Hays County from the clutches of rascally ElectroPurification (EP) – because of Isaac’s HB 3405 which was passed literally at the last minute of the previous session of the Legislature.

HB 3405 allowed BSEACD to have authority over some of the territory in which EP wanted to drill wells for water to be used by the Goforth Special Utility District. The enormous amount of water projected to be used by EP would almost surely have affected the aquifer supply to already existing wells. So, so far, so good for Isaac.

The feature of his HB 3405 which Rep. Isaac doesn’t mention, however, is that in the bill was also included a section which allowed Needmore Ranch MUD No. 1 (which Isaac & Campbell had created earlier for Greg LaMantia) to use groundwater  in development of its 4,000-acre MUD – not imported (piped in) water as had originally been specified in the Needmore MUD legislation passed earlier. Needmore Water LLC wants to pump 298.1 million gallons of water per year.

So, “savior?” I think not.

Barbara Hopson


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