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Great news, landowners and well owners have been heard by both the Senate and the House on an identical bill that would greatly assist long-term with much of our issue with sewage effluent discharges into our pristine Texas Hill Country creeks and waterways that feed our storage of drinking water in the Edwards Aquifer.  This Bill would prohibit any new discharges in the Contributing Zone of the Edwards Aquifer, and also not allow an amendment for increased volume for a permit issued before Sept. 2017.

As a landowner living on Onion Creek, and I believe representing thousands of landowners and well owners that rely on water from the Trinity contributing down through the Edwards, this is so critically important.  Central Texas is very likely shut down if we pollute the Edwards.., and that might not happen this year or next, but if we continue to allow these idiotic disposal techniques to continue, that day is coming trust me!

This type of restriction is very long over due for Central Texas, nobody wants this region’s drinking water polluted I believe we all agree on that!  TCEQ already prohibits discharge in the Recharge Zone, for very good reason because so many people rely on it for drinking water, and so this bill simply rolls in the Contributing Zone as also being an area where this disturbing and antiquated practice of dumping sewage effluent into our pristine Hill Country creeks would be banned.  It’s a “No Brainer”, and we’re very hopeful that the committees will agree and push this great legislation out into law!

Wes Pitts


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