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Voting in San Marcos

I will vote for the propositon to enlarge our library and the police department (although the police force should be smaller), but I will not vote for the proposition to fund any more firemen or firestations.

How many major fires did we have in the past ten years?  The last major fire I remember was the Aamcon feed store on LBJ Street and that was a long time ago. The only good thing the fire department is good for is to waste our tax money going to HEB and other convenience stores and restaurants taking the firetrucks with them. What a waste of gas and taxpayer money. Firemen of yore used to stay at the firestation for weeks at a time and take their own food to cook there. I was a fireman in the Marine Corps 40 years ago so I am not trying to put them down, just the facts.

Another good thing they are good for is blocking lanes on our streets and highways making it extremely difficult for travelers to get to their destinations on time. Just last week, there were two firetrucks, one police car, two policemen questioning some people on IH 35 for a minor fender bender, and the traffic was backed up all the way to Posey Rd. In the first place, I don’t think the firetrucks should respond to any car wreck unless someone calls it in for a vehicle on fire, that’s why policemen should be equipped with fire extinguishers for minor and major fires. The fiery crash on 35 two years ago merited a firetruck but not 3 or 4. Traffic was snarled up on roads in all directions for 3 hours or more. Last week, there were 3 or 4 patrol cars questioning a couple behind the Verizon store. Why so many? Because the police and fire chiefs tell everyone available to respond to any minor thing so the taxpayers can see they are always busy.

I for one don’t think we need any more fire stations, firemen, or police because we don’t need our property taxes going up any higher than they already are.

Ezekiel Enriquez Sr. 

San Marcos

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