Buda council approves Main Street sidewalk improvements

The high cost of maintaining a large aesthetic medallion in the FM 967 and Main Street intersection in Buda led city leaders to forgo the project, which could have cost $104,000.

Buda city officials instead chose to go with a cheaper option, which ranges from $27,000 to $55,000, that they hope could beautify the sidewalks near the intersection.

The decision was made after city staff presented the preliminary design of a project calling for colored concrete and aesthetic features at the Main Street and RM 967 intersection.

The preliminary design schematics, designed by RPS Klotz and HDR Engineering, were for improvements to the intersection as part of the Proposition 3 2014 Bond projects.

Micah Grau, Buda assistant city manager, said while design plans were only 90 percent complete and utility relocation was still an ongoing process, he “felt confident that they were under budget.”

Staff had requested council direction regarding the use of stamped and colored concrete for a proposed intersection medallion located at the Main Street 967 intersection. The installation of the medallion and crosswalks was projected to cost $66,000.

Grau said the Buda Bond Advisory Committee had agreed on recommending the stamped and colored concrete over the option to stain the concrete because of future maintenance costs due to tire streaking.

Council members also provided direction regarding aesthetic sidewalk concepts. Grau said the advisory board supported using trees, benches and planters along city sidewalks, which would cost approximately $8,000.

When asked about the exact cost of sidewalk aesthetic improvements, Grau said he wasn’t exactly sure since the generated numbers were only estimates.

“If it comes down to it, I would rather lean toward trees and benches than colored concrete,” Buda councilmember George Haehn said.

But Ruge said council decided to forgo the medallion due to the heavy traffic that could go in the area.

“It would take pressure washing and upkeep,” Ruge said.

But the high price tag was a secondary factor that led officials to pump the brakes on the medallion option.

“If it’s a few thousand dollars and it’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s not a problem … But when you’re talking about $66,000, you think about the things you could buy with it. You go through your head about things in the budget.” Todd Ruge, Buda mayor

Ruge said the city chose an option that could allow for colored sidewalks and landscape features. It could also allow the city to implement medallion designs on the sidewalks.

Ruge said the city hasn’t bid the project out and no exact costs have been pinned down just yet.

It’s unknown at this time when the city will implement the improvements to the Main Street and RM 967 intersection.

Main Street projects are ongoing, according to city staff.

Total budget for Prop 3 improvements: $12,250,000

Initial Budget Estimate for Main Street/967 intersection improvements: $1,712,330

Revised Budget Estimate for Main Street/967 intersection improvements: $1,372,859

Intersection Medallion Options:

Option 1
Stamped concrete with integral color
$66,000 + base concrete cost

Option 2 – Chosen by city officials
Simpler designs with integral color or stained concrete

Option 3
Stamped concrete and coloring on crosswalks only

Sidewalk Aesthetic Concepts:

Concept 1
Benches- $3,000
Walls- $9,000

Concept 2
Benches- $2,000
Shade Structure- $40,000

Concept 3 – Chosen by city officials
Trees- $5,000
Bench- $1,000
Planters- $2,000

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