Limited spending highlights DSISD election

Limited spending on advertising has highlighted the campaigns of two Dripping Springs ISD incumbent trustees vying for reelection to the dais May 6.

Trustee Barbara Stroud, a 13-year resident of Dripping Springs who has served as a board trustee since 2008, led the pack by spending $829 on her campaign, according to her 30-day campaign finance report filed April 15. The filing was nine days past the required deadline for campaign finance reports, which were due April 6.

Stroud, who is an attorney, also raised over $1,000 in political contributions from March 1 to April 12.

Contributing to Stroud’s campaign bid were residents Sarah K. Brandon, contributing $500, and Daniel O’Brien, contributing $250.

The bulk of Stroud’s expenses came from a $650 advertising expense to ABI Digital Solutions, which is based out of Conroe, Texas.

According to her finance report, Stroud has $220 left in her war chest.

Ron Jones, a consultant who has served on the DSISD dais since 2014, received an $800 in-kind contribution for push-card advertising from The Educated Vote, a group based out of the Houston area.

Jones, who filed for modified reporting, received $650 in total monetary political contributions from January 1 to March 30.

Modified reporting allows a candidate who does not intend to spend more than $500 in political expenditures or accept more than $500 political contributions during the course of an election, to not file all of the reports.

However, during the course of his campaign, Jones went over that amount, raising money from seven sources who contributed more than $50 each.

Dripping Springs resident Alan Cohen, who works as the Steris Corporation vice president of sales, contributed $200 to Jones.

Meanwhile, Buda business owner Eric Cromwell, who owns Cromwell Construction, and Dripping Springs resident Sandy Griffin, a lawyer with Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins, Mott each contributed $100.

Jones made $202 in political expenditures during the time period, but didn’t list in the report what those expenditures were. Jones said the expenses went to campaign t-shirts.

Jones said he was going to put up some old signs this campaign and “leave it at that.” However, he decided to get a “few more signs” and had push cards developed.

Jones has no money remaining in his war chest.

A campaign finance report for Trey Powers, a political newcomer who has lived in Dripping Springs for six years, was not filed with Dripping Springs ISD officials.

Campaign finance reports

Barbara Stroud

Total political contributions of $50 or less – $200
Total political contributions – $1,050
Total political expenditures – $829.66
Total political contributions maintained as of last day of reporting period – $220.34

Ron Jones

Total political contributions of less than $50 – $150
Total political contributions – $650
Total political expenditures – $202.50
Total political contributions maintained as of last day of reporting period – $0

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