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See you at the races

KissMe extends to you an invitation to the Buda Wiener Dog Races this weekend. There’s a full schedule in this newspaper and on

At the time of weaving together this Montage, the time of KissMe’s heat had not been announced. It’s likely to be in the 10 a.m. batch since he registered early.

Outside our office window on the Turk’s Cap, we watched three “lizards” this past week. The green anole and Texas spiny lizard we expected. An identification is not yet in on a prehistoric-looking lizard with a jagged Mohawk-looking ridge coming up from behind his head and extending most of the way down his back.

Outside our breakfast window, a White-crowned Sparrow splashed in the boulder birdbath one day last week. Mostly we’re seeing Lesser Goldfinch, Northern Cardinals, Eastern Bluebird, Blue Jay, Northern Mockingbird, Carolina Chickadee, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Summer Tanager.

Any day now, someone will have Mountain City’s FOS (first of season) report on Painted Bunting.

On Monday, a squirrel came through KissMe’s side door into our garage and helped himself to black oil sunflower seeds in a 50-pound bag in a wheelbarrow. From the kitchen, RonTom heard a noise.

Outside, we offer squirrels whole peanuts in a new spiral wire wreath feeder.

A belated Happy Birthday to my friend and neighbor, Elaine Kiernan, April 23rd

Tiffany Curnutt posted a notification on Loving Mountain City’s Facebook page, “Now is the time to buy your Easter Egg Hunt prize donations on sale! We will take your donations all year long….”  Keep your eyes open for huge discounts.

Two of the three winners at Loving Mountain City’s 2017 Easter Egg Hunt were children of fathers who were raised in Mountain City – Jeremy Davis and Brandon Patterson.

The Easter Egg Hunt was made possible through behind the scenes work by Patricia Brown Porterfield, Penny Moulder and their families. Loving Mountain City extends gratitude to everyone who donated prizes, eggs, and candy and especially the annual Grand Prize Basket contributors, Everett and Beth Smith.

A robust Montage comes about with the help of contributors. I take tidbit donations all year long. Email (Subject: TIDBIT) or leave a message at 512-268-5678.

Thanks!  Love, PTom

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