Secrets in the world of Trump

Seems the phrase “loose lips sink ships” won’t hold much bearing in President Donald Trump’s America.

Not after Trump allegedly leaked classified information to Russian officials during a meeting held at the White House last week, according to a report from the Washington Post.

Now, it’s been noted through various reports that any President has the authority to declassify material they deem fit. Okay, that’s cool.

However, concerns must be raised when the president shares any classified information with Russia, whose government is alleged to have tampered with the November 2016 election.

Those concerns were heightened after Trump’s recent dismissal of the man who was investigating possible election tampering allegations made against Russia’s government.

The firing, an unprofessional one, was done at an incredibly suspicious time as the investigation into Russia’s alleged tampering was ramping up.

All of this took place in a week where Americans are becoming more weary of the rash, impulsive and downright frightening actions taken by this administration.

What Trump has done over the course of a week is nothing short of a worldwide embarrassment.

Where once our nation was the shining example of how government should function, it’s now become as inane as a second-rate sitcom that’s been banished to 3 a.m. cable network syndication. 

Perhaps the scary part is many Americans continue to hold on to Trump’s ideals and are applauding his increasingly demonstrative behaviors.

What they don’t realize is they’re adding fuel to a fire that’s rapidly consuming our democratic functions.

Sadly, it may be too late when people realize just how much of a threat Trump is to America and its allies.

Until that time, Trump may get the impression he can potentially leak information to those whom he shouldn’t without any worry of reprisal.

Should that happen, we may have to start manning the lifeboats.

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