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Spring cleaning time in Mt. City

If it’s spring, it must be time for spring cleaning.

Recently young Levi Jamail power washed the city signage at the City’s entrance and City Hall.  What a transformation. Thanks, Levi! 

Now’s a good time to clean closets and cupboards and yards because we’re just weeks away from two annual events that provide a calendar deadline for procrastinators.

The 1st Saturday in June is Garage Sale Day for Mountain City. There’s no form or fees. Just set up your own sale or go together with neighbors.  On and Craigslist, ads can be placed for FREE.

Garage Sale Day is followed by Dumpster Days on the 2nd Saturday in June and the Sunday that’s connected to that Saturday. This year, that’s June 10th and 11th.   No paint or hazardous materials accepted.

But, hey, Hays County accepts Hazardous Materials (drain cleaners, degreasers, solvents, rodent poisons, motor oil, brake fluid, batteries, paints, and more) each and every Tuesday and Friday from noon until 3:30pm at the Traffic Yard at 630 E. Hopkins in San Marcos, across from the large HEB. 

It’s drive-through service. They ask that you stay in your vehicle. Proof that you live in Hays County is required. Dumpster Days – June 10th and 11th – Dumpsters will be provided for city residences to get rid of items that are too large for residential trash service. No paint or other hazardous materials will be accepted.

During those same times at the same place, the “Reuse Facility” is open. The County’s website says, “Before you purchase paint or household chemicals, check out our reuse facility to see if we have what you’re looking for.” All items are FREE.

Weekly recycling service is provided through our household garbage pickup service. It’s easy. All recyclables can be mixed together. Empty cans and bottles do not need to be rinsed. If paper gets wet, it’s still accepted. It makes no difference whether or not plastic water bottles are crushed.  Recycling service costs nothing extra.

A couple months ago, RonTom and I frequently saw an Ash-throated Flycatcher pair in our front yard. For weeks now, we’ve seen only one Ash-throated Flycatcher. Did one of the two get killed by a cat?

It’s not unusual for us to find evidence of a cat-killed bird. At a recent bluebird presentation, a participant talked about a device called a “cat bib” that attaches to a cat’s collar and prevents 80 percent of cats from catching birds.  A friend who lost a baby bluebird to a cat attack told me about a cat collar cover called “BirdsBeSafe” that claims 89 percent success in preventing bird attacks.

Audubon magazine says, “If you think wearing a collar is uncomfortable, try wearing an attacking cat.”   

We know not what is opening our 5-gallon tub of sunflower seeds in our garage each night.  It eats just a few seeds and does not make a mess. The rodent trap Ron set has been tripped.  In fact, Ron forgot about the trap and it slammed shut on his hand.

Did you forget to send a tidbit? Here’s a reminder. Send to (Subject: Tidbit) or 512 268 5678.  Thanks!  Love to you, Pauline

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