About sanctuary cities

It just riles my heart when Republicans like our governor, Gregg Abbott, pass such irresponsible and frivolous laws like the one they just passed on sanctuary cities.

Mr. Abbott, if you really want to curb crime, you and all your fellow Republican cronies should all go back to Europe where all your ancestors came from (many undocumented).  It is a well documented fact that most of the Europeans who came to OUR country from England were a bunch of misfits, thieves and murderers. Only the worst of the worst were shipped out to America where they continued to rape, kill, plunder and take our lands from the Native Americans and from our Mexican ancestors from the southwest.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves for being a bunch of racists who have yet to grow up and face reality. I went to school back in the 50s and 60s with your ilk, and many of you still don’t know or don’t want to get along with your fellow human beings. Maybe that’s why God has punished you for the darkness that lurks inside your heart. 

Most of the people you all call “illegal” are only coming back to THEIR lands where our ancestors grew up and raised many of us. How dare you try to drive us away from OUR lands. And many of them are decent families, only trying to make an honest living while helping our economy at the same time. Have you listened to the news lately about how many businesses are short of workers? Who is going to put the food on your tables now? Many of those “illegals” are only trying to escape persecution and crime from their countries. 

What I can’t believe either is how most of your fellow Republicans always seem to want to put party first and people second. Can’t you see you all are only aiding and abetting our enemy, Russia? I can see how rich and intelligent Republicans vote for Republicans, but the poor? Maybe they still think the “South will rise again.” With all the “red meat” being fed to them by sly politicians, they will probably always remain loyal to the Republican Party. I hope and pray not because our country is in turmoil right now and the Repulicans should shoulder most of the blame.

Ezekiel Enriquez, Sr.

San Marcos

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