Who is the bully here?

If ever there was a character that exemplified the bully mentality, Scut Farkus from “A Christmas Story” is probably one of them.

Farkus, along with his toadie Grover Dill, were the bullies that terrorized Ralphie Parker and his friends, using intimidation tactics to get what they wanted from their hapless victims, as is what most bullies are wont to do.

Seems Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has taken a page out of that playbook.

While Patrick isn’t wearing a raccoon-skin cap, he has, however, used threats of a special session to get his way in regards to the so-called “bathroom bill.”

On Sunday, the Texas House approved an amendment to Senate Bill 2078, which creates restrictions for transgender bathroom students.

Under that amendment, students in public schools who don’t want to use bathrooms based on their biological sex could be forced to use single-stall bathrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities.

But according to a Texas Tribune report, Patrick wasn’t happy with what he called “ambiguous language” in the amendment and wants the House to address it.

It should be difficult for any Texan, much less legislators, to justify something that screams of the “Separate, but Equal” mentality that took place in the Jim Crow south.   

Supporters say the move is done in the name of “safety.” This, despite the fact there are few, if any, stats to back up claims that allowing transgender people to use bathrooms of their choice leads to an increase in assaults, sexual assaults or child molestation.

This piece of legislation paints our leaders as intolerant buffoons who ensure a bill with little meaning in the operation of the state goes through. Regardless of how it’s worded, the amendment to SB 2078 is a toxic fireball that is dangerous to our state.

To employ intimidation tactics to further such a cause is downright tragic.

Ironically, state leaders earlier this session passed an important anti-cyberbullying law that tries to prevent bullying from taking place.

But it seems our legislature is operating under the “do as I say, not as I do” mantra.

Perhaps that’s the tragic takeaway from all of this.

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