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Buda building cost capped at $23M

Overages in audio and visual equipment in the municipal building and an evidence outbuilding for the Buda Police Department led city leaders to amend the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for its new city hall, library and public safety building.

The amendment, approved by a unanimous vote, brings the GMP for the new facility to approximately $23 million. Ray Cresswell, Buda project manager, and Mark Christopher, with J.E. Dunn Construction, assured Buda City Council members the GMP didn’t exceed the original bond amount of $24.5 million for Propositions 1 and 2.

Buda’s amendment was necessary after officials became aware of a $36,000-plus dollar overage for the audio and visual equipment, along with the outbuilding, which is used to process evidence.

Funds had to be moved to compensate for the overage. Officials said funds were moved from within a contingency fund in the bond to fill a need that wasn’t included in their original GMP bid. Council had to approve the transfer before any funds were exchanged.

“We’re picking up the cost … That is the difference between the amount that was the allowance for the project and what was actually bid,” Cresswell said.

Council members unanimously approved the amendment to the GMP, but gave city staff direction to further identify areas in the audio-visual equipment budget that could be modified. Examples included the number and size of flat screen television monitors throughout the municipal facility to cut more costs.

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