Kyle focuses on sidewalks and who will pay for them

Varying opinions on how Kyle should approach funding sidewalk improvements Tuesday prevented city leaders from reaching a concrete solution to the problem. 

The Kyle City Council discussed sidewalk maintenance, with Councilmember David Wilson presenting three options. The first requires the city to take full responsibility, while a second option would require homeowners to maintain responsibility. A third option allowed the city to assist homeowners in maintaining the sidewalks.

Wilson proposed that the city use new, cost-effective technology to take full responsibility of maintaining and repairing sidewalks.

Using a concrete leveling and lifting method, the city could pay $56 for repairing a 4×4 sidewalk section.

Sections that are too damaged to be repaired using that method will be replaced for $248 using conventional methods.

Wilson suggested a city budget of $50,000 a year over a five-year period and continuing maintaining sidewalks in the future.

Much like street maintenance, sidewalks would have to be repaired at a regular, gradual basis, Wilson said.

“We’re still wrestling with the issue,” Wilson said. “We’ve been listening to residents on the subject.”

Wilson said homeowners had varying opinions. As discussion progressed, it became clear council members did as well.

Councilmember Daphne Tenorio was strongly opposed to Wilson’s proposal, and Councilmember Shane Arabie had his reservations.

At a meeting last April, Wilson proposed the city contract a concrete company to repair sidewalks at a reduced cost to homeowners.

While discussion seemed to shift to the city taking full responsibility, council members did not reach a conclusion. It’s unknown if city leaders will bring the item up again at a future meeting.

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