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This letter relates to two articles in your May 31st issue. First, Kyle plans $1.2M for road fixes in 2018. It seems that there is no correspondence between budget plans and actions being taken as a result of Kyle’s “growth”. Kyle has certainly been on a growth spurt, since I arrived here 10 years ago, but there seems to be no control of various new projects and developments approved being within budgetary limits. Every new subdivision puts a strain on the infrastructure including police, fire, roads, water, drainage, electrical etc. If the goal of the city administration is to have Kyle grow to a certain population level, budgets for infrastructure should provide the wherewith to support that growth. To wait until the the houses are up and occupied and the facilities are in dire need of improvement or repair seems to be very shortsighted and a terrible way to run a city.

The second item, Kyle approves update to midterm comprehensive plan is another example of spending time and money to construct a plan, said to be comprehensive in nature, that has no relation to the reality regarding city “growth”. A plan is usually developed to support future goals and provide the means to accomplish those goals. Certainly the 2010 comprehensive plan didn’t include support for the growth that has and continues to occur. Why not stop developing plans that seem to be ignored and then make the city deal with a “we’ve got to fix the roads since they’re falling apart” basis as it is obvious that allowing construction of countless new homes will cause just that.

Don’t call these musings on what may occur a plan and either get professional and limit what isn’t supported by the plan or be up-front and a make the plans financially realistic to support Kyle’s all out growth if that is what is intended.

Dick McGuinness


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