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Buda tables on-street parking

Potential safety issues led Buda city leaders to table a request to allow on-street parking for an incoming business in the downtown sector.

The request, made by Dickson Productions, an entertainment marketing group that’s worked with acts such as “Asleep at the Wheel,” called for eight additional parking spaces on Rose Street adjacent to Lily Street in downtown. The spaces would be in addition to the 12 regular parking spaces in the lot for the property, which the owners plan to develop into office space.

According to a letter from the company, owned by John Dickson of Buda, the move to Buda has been “a long-term goal for us.”

According to the letter, the on-street parking proposal would create “synergy between properties, allowing patrons to park once and visit multiple places of business in the downtown area.” The letter also said the proposal shares the same ideology as the city’s comprehensive and downtown master plans, and would allow for American Disability Association (ADA) compliant ramps.

Council member George Haehn, however, voiced concern that taking up space for on-street parking would narrow the existing street and make it difficult for motorists to travel on the road.

“Street parking could turn (Rose Street) into one lane,” Haehn said, “I would rather not approve this.”

Council member Eileen Altmiller expressed concerns about additional flooding issues that might arise due to the on-street parking. She also questioned the landowners’ plans for impervious cover.

“Rose Street floods and a new building with 20-plus parking spaces would make it worse,” Altmiller, said. “Impervious cover is my issue so I can’t support it right now.”

Council members Lee Urbanovsky and Wiley Hopkins were interested in seeking a more specific site plan for the intended office space before casting a vote for the on-street parking.

Buda Mayor Todd Ruge and Mayor Pro Tem Bobby Lane also wanted to see a more specific site plan before moving forward.

Haehn said the decision should also be based on the overall design of parking in downtown, so if approved, the on-street parking will not clash with aesthetic appeal in downtown.

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