Kyle mayor won’t run again

With the filing deadline for November’s mayoral election approaching, Kyle Mayor Todd Webster announced this week he will not seek a reelection bid when his term ends.

Webster, who was elected as the city’s mayor in 2014, said the increasing volume of his work at the Texas state capitol is leading him off the dais.

Webster currently works as a public sector lobbyist who represents public education related entities. He currently represents the Spring Branch Independent School District, as well as the Responsive Education Solution Charter School system out of the Houston area.

With discussions on school finance going on in the legislature, Webster said he has found his attention has been divided between the Capitol and Kyle matters.

“Within this last legislative session, I found myself having to spend time, more so than in the past, focused on what was going on at the capitol,” Webster said. “I think there are some people out there that are probably ready and interested in taking on that task.”

Webster added his departure is “an opportunity for another generation of folks” to come in and take the responsibility. Webster estimated to do the “job right” takes approximately 30 hours of work per week.

However, Webster said he wouldn’t publicly support a successor until after the July 22 filing deadline.

But work still has to be done before voters cast ballots in November. One of the looming tasks Webster must face is helping the city navigate through fiscal year 2017-2018 budget discussions.

Webster said he doesn’t believe the majority of council is “overly political and jockeying” for position and that the council has “mutual respect” to keep Webster from turning into a lame duck mayor.

Other items of priority include moving forward with a revised ethics ordinance and fixing the city’s parking ordinance, which Webster said is a mess.

“It’s putting the structures in place as they move forward,” Webster said. “Those are the things that are being done and will get taken care of, and they can focus on the good stuff, the fun stuff.”

Webster believes the council has “accomplished a lot” during his tenure as far as infrasturucre and organizational culture.

“It’s been getting things set for that next wave of commercial and residential development,” Webster said. “We made a lot of progress there and the city is on the right track to take that to another level.”

Prior to becoming mayor, Webster served on the Kyle city council, as well as the planning and zoning commission and the zoning board of adjustments.

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