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Thanks to Mt. City neighbors

Brian Porterfield, the man behind the scenes with Loving Mountain City’s 4th of July parade, deserves red, white and blue hats off. As I admired his truck’s patriotic display and music afer the parade, Patricia Porterfield, the event coordinator, told me some of the details.

When the patriotic cd they purchased turned out to be awful, Brian went out and purchased a stereo with speakers for his truck so the parade would have patriotic music. He worked tirelessly to build what it took to hang the bunting just perfectly on each side of the truck’s bed, and to mount the flag pole. He even crafted the flag pole. He was up until late in the night putting together the fine details.
It’s impossible to know all the details that go into creating, presenting and cleaning up after a “simple” one hour memorable event. 

KissMe had a great time at the annual Fourth of July parade. (photo by Pauline Tom)

Patricia even added watermelon (pre-sliced), to the event. Some folks left not knowing about the iced cold new feature.

Patricia sent a shout out to her neighbors, Ramona and Blake Brown. “Without their help, things would not have gone so smoothly.”

Patricia added, “of course to my amazing husband who never complains about the tasks I give him, and then goes over and above to make sure it’s right.”

Patricia and Brian, thank you! It was the best ever parade.

Young Hunter Perucca won first place in the Lawnmower Races, on the day of the 16th wedding anniversary of his parents, Eric and Rebecca. Yes! Hunter dared to take the coveted gigantic trophy from Tiffany Curnutt. Her winning streak ended. Congratulations, Hunter.

As always before, Judge Beth Smith donated a $100 Home Depot gift certificate for the first place winner. Beth and Everett step forward to help with donations over and over. Thanks, Smiths!

The morning of July 4th, RonTom wondered if we had a delivery of fresh steaks for a cookout. A shorthorn steer munched on the grasses near the street until we summoned the rancher with property west of Mountain City. He shooed the rascal to the fence line and helped him get back through.

Three days later, Rascal had wandered to the intersection of Live Oak and Maple Drive. RonTom and I shooed him back down the street and down the fence line, in like manner as we had observed.

Christine Greve posted on FaceBook a photo of her new 4-hooved lawnmower.

Sunday, we heard the rancher pounding in additional posts. ‘Sounds like the excitement is over.

Happy July 10th Birthday, Mayor Phillip Taylor.

The next City event for Mountain City calendars is the August Limb Pickup. Limbs must be at the curb by Sunday, August 6th, so those interested in contracting for the removal can drive past on Monday morning.

The next opportunity to submit a tidbit is now. (subject: Tidbit) or 512.268.5678  Thanks! Love to you, Pauline

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