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District needs parental input on McCormick Uniform Dress Code

Before McCormick Middle School opened its doors in 2016, parents were asked their views on a school uniform policy through a survey conducted by the school district.

Fifty-two percent of the respondents voted for the school uniforms, but the policy still met with opposition from parents who did not hear of the survey. McCormick principal James Cruz is giving parents another chance to give their opinions on school uniforms and other topics by filling out a survey on the McCormick Middle School web page.

The school administration plans to make a decision on whether to keep uniforms or not on Friday, July 21.

Click here to fill out the McCormick Middle School survey.

McCormick Middle School and Simon Middle School are the only schools in the Hays CISD that require students to wear uniforms. Of the 304 parents who responded to last year’s survey, 158 parents (52%) voted in favor of school uniforms; 113 parents (37%) were against the uniforms. Thirty-three parents (11%) were neutral.

Of the parents who were for the uniforms, 38 parents did so because they believed it would reduce incidents of bullying and ridicule. Twenty-five parents believed it would help learners focus more on education and 20 parents believed it would be more economical to purchase uniforms.

Of the parents who didn’t want the uniforms, 54 parents said it was because they want their children to be able to have some choice and/or be able to express themselves through their clothing. Fourteen parents felt their children would be less comfortable in a uniform and 13 parents believe the cost of uniforms is more expensive than regular attire.

Current McCormick Uniform Dress Code

  • Tops
    • Polo Shirts
    • Logo-free
    • Tucked into bottoms
    • White undershirt or grade level color t-shirt under uniform shirt (optional)
    • Jackets worn indoors must be solid gray, white, or navy blue, logo-free, and not oversized
    • 6th grade: red shirts
    • 7th grade: gray shirts (light gray is acceptable)
    • 8th grade: blue shirts (dark, light, navy or royal)
  • Bottoms
    • Black, Navy or Khaki (No denim jeans)
    • Skirts, ‘skorts’ or shorts are acceptable
    • Shoes must have a back and be closed toed
    • Skirts/‘skorts’/shorts must be ‘fingertip length’ (i.e. learners must be able to touch fabric when their fingertips touch their skirts, ‘skorts’ or shorts with their arms down and standing up straight)
    • Pants pulled up to hips (no sagging)
    • Leggings are not allowed
    • Cut-off shorts are not allowed
    • No rips, tears, holes or designs on pants
  • Spirit Days
    • School spirit T-shirt, college shirt or dress code shirt with blue jeans (no other jean color), navy, or khaki pants (no jerseys)
    • Shirts tucked in
    • Pants pulled up around learner’s waist
    • No rips, tears, holes, or designs on jeans
    • Jacket requirements same as M-Th
(ISS learners MUST wear regular dress code attire)
    • Tops must have sleeves and be free of inappropriate material (i.e. alcohol/drug/sexual advertisements/jokes/pictures, etc.)
  • Free Dress Days
    • Tops must be tucked in
    • Pants/bottoms must be pulled up (no sagging)
    • Jacket may be any color, but may not be oversized
    • Closed-toed shoes with a back
    • No more than three items may be worn of the same color
    • No rips, tears, holes, designs on pants
    • Must meet Hays CISD Dress Code standards

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