Kyle council member will not run again

Kyle Council member David Wilson, Dist. 4 representative, has made the decision not to run for re-election.

His letter announcing his decision:

“I have made a decision not to seek reelection for the Kyle City Council, District 4 seat set for election in November 2017. I want to encourage Kyle citizens to serve the city of Kyle on the city council. We have accomplished much in the last 9+ years and need to continue the forward thinking and planning we now enjoy …

I could make a long list of accomplishments but am proudest of our planning for the future of the city of Kyle. We have evolved from a sleepy little railroad and ranching community into a community with robust medical services, educational opportunity and quality retail services. The future is very bright for Kyle. We have laid the groundwork for Kyle to be a destination and grow the business community. Jobs and business opportunities for our citizens are coming in the near future. There will always be challenges which need to continue to be addressed like: maintaining our water partnerships with Buda, San Marcos and Canyon Regional Water Authority as we invest in our future through the Hays-Caldwell Public Utility Agency (now Alliance Water Authority); working with everyone to address the wastewater issues that come with growth of the community; transportation as we grow to be a community of 100,000 plus will always be a challenge and we need to successfully complete the road improvement projects now underway; adequate city staffing to address the challenges with police, fire, public works, parks, library and administrative/technical services while keeping taxes as low as possible.

I am invested in the community and will enjoy watching as a new City Council moves the city forward in a positive direction. Important to our future is supporting the high quality city of Kyle staff who do quality work for us under the direction of City Manager Scott Sellers and the Kyle City Council.”

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