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The wisdom of Gump

In the movie “Forrest Gump”, the main character Forrest is sitting on the bus stop bench with the elderly lady in a pink coat. The guy who had just scoffed at Forrest for saying he was co-owner of Bubba Gump Shrimp had just left. The man laughed and said as he left, “We’ve been sitting next to a millionaire … ha ha ha.”

The lady says, “Well I don’t care, it was a wonderful story and you tell it so well.”

Forrest says, “Would you like to see a picture of Lt. Dan?”

She nods.

He pulls out a Fortune 500 magazine and she recognizes Forrest posed next to Lt. Dan.

Forrest narrates while he is shown opening a mailbox and opening a letter with the Apple logo as the heading.

“Now, Lt. Dan took some of our Bubba Gump money and invested it in a fruit company. And later on, I got a phone call from him and he said we never have to worry about money ever again. I said, “‘That’s good; one less thing.’”

One less thing is the Sunday message here.

We were not created to be destroyed. On the 6th day God created man, it says in Genesis. At the end of each day he looked at what He’d done that day and said it was good. At the end of the 6th day, and only then, God looked at his creation and said it was VERY good. It’s illogical that God would destroy or allow to be destroyed the apple of His eye; the creature that was made in his own image.

Therefore, we are all immortal.

All of us have probably given thought to the afterlife and we have to be true to ourselves that we are concerned about where we go after we die. Oblivion is not a choice.

“For as high as the heavens are above the earth so great is God’s love for those who fear (respect) Him.” Psalm 103.

If you love God who is the giver of all we have down to our next breath and respect Him for who He is, and obey His commands, which are delightful, and accept the gift of His redemption through His only Son, where you will be after death is guaranteed.

“That’s good, One less thing.”

–Your not so Road Warrior, Ray

Ray Wolbrecht is a retired Kyle dentist. He is on a cross-country trip through the West and sends his meanderings.

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