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Limb Days and election application deadlines approaching

August brings some city-related deadlines.

Sunday, August 6, is the last day to place limbs by the street for “Limb Days.” If the city opts for the same process this year as past years’, pickup will not occur until after the city receives bids and selects a contractor. With the usual process, contractors willing to place a bid drive through on Monday morning, August 7, to view scope of work and prepare a bid. 

After bids are reviewed, a contractor is hired and the removal of the limbs placed curbside before the deadline.

Now’s the time to start your (chainsaw) engines.

Now’s the time to file for an alderman position.  Three at-large positions will be up for election in November. Seldom does Mountain City have an election because seldom do more than three candidates file.  Filing goes through our city decretary, Ellis Craig.    Contact Ellis for details,

Biting ants invaded our kitchen last week. Out came our Terro Ant Bait. Years ago, an exterminator suggested Terro Ant Bait, a bottle of liquid that comes in a small orange box. Ron wrote “ant bait” on tiny labels on bits of cardboard and placed them on our counter. Within minutes, the bait beckoned some ants.

We did not remember whether we should kill those that did not die on the spot, on the dot of poison. We discovered the same missing strip that had the original cardboard squares for the bait had the instructions in English.  We summoned, with FaceTime, our daughter Tami, who majored in Spanish. Tami referred us to Google Translate. Google Translate gave us the gist.

We needed to allow the worker ants to leave, taking the poison bait home to the queen.  Within a few hours, dozens of ants came around the big drop of liquid. This provided great entertainment at our house.

Within a day, we saw no more live ants, although Google’s Translate said it could take two weeks.

Not many of us in Mountain City have sunset viewing vistas. Sunday we got a peek at a magnificent sunset through our backyard trees and tried hightailing it out of the city for a full view.  We didn’t make it in time.  Keep your ears attuned to the weather forecasts, which include sunset forecasts following sandstorms in the Sahara.

I’ll be viewing my inbox, watching for tidbits.  Please send to (subject: TIDBIT) or 512-268-5678.  Thanks! Love, Pauline

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