Mitigating growing pains key in Kyle leader’s annual address

How Kyle plans to keep pace with its rapid growth was the tone of Scott Seller’s third State of the City address Tuesday.

Sellers said reports that Kyle could reach a population of 100,000 in 20 years are “realistic.”

“The biggest thing facing Kyle is our growth,” Sellers said.

Sellers discussed several proposals and initiatives put forward to mitigate concerns that come with such rapid expansion.

Those include future residential developments and bringing retail and industry jobs to the area, while focusing on quality of life initiatives.

The city is able to expand and accomplish more due to efforts from residents and city hall, Sellers said.

“We are able to do more with the same or less,” Sellers said. “This is a testament to our great employees and city council members.

One of the main concerns from residents regarding the development of new residential areas is where the additional supply of water would come from.”

Sellers said the Alliance Regional Water Authority (ARWA), formerly the Hays Caldwell Public Utility Agency, would be working with Kyle to help extend a new water pipeline to the area. ARWA will also help the city expand its current wastewater plant and help construct a new plant in south Kyle that would help mitigate wastewater concerns without raising utility rates.

Focusing on building jobs in the area will lead to Kyle being established as an upper scale community, as Sellers said the area is already ripe for real estate opportunities.

“We have $600,000 homes being bought and sold today, we didn’t have that two years ago,” said Sellers. “The demand is here for upper scale citizenry and retail.”

Plans are also in the works to cultivate this growth by increasing tourism. Sellers cited the city’s inaugural “Pie in the Sky” hot air balloon event set for Labor Day weekend, as well as proposals for a convention center and a destination resort.

The city also plans to assist small businesses with the “First Year on Us” initiative, which allows Kyle to cover the property taxes of an established business for the first year.

“We are in a really good place,” Seller said. “Perhaps the best ever.”

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