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Two candidates file for three Mountain City aldermen positions

Wow! This August, limbs are not piled alongside our streets for weeks. The city expedited the bid process, authorizing City Manager Rick Tarr to select a contractor from bids submitted, after those interested took a quick look at the scope of work.

Alonzo Vasquez quickly scooped up and shredded to smithereens the limbs and logs that lined Mountain City streets. In Monday night’s council meeting, only good words were heard regarding his job well done.

Council members emphasized, “The work is complete.” Those who pulled limbs curbside after the deadline are responsible for removing those limbs.

Close to curbside, a big baby buzzard (Black Vulture) splashed in a sprinkler’s water puddle in front of The Sultemeier’s home on Pin Oak Drive at the end of July.  The next morning, I had a phone call from The Harvey’s across the street. The vulture was on their front porch.

When I mentioned the probability of a parent in the vicinity, they determined an unseen bird was calling. All was well. No need for a rescue. (Seldom is a rescue needed for baby wildlife.)

The phone calls sent me surfing for cool facts about Black Vultures. They mate for life. They have no voice box, so their sounds are limited to hisses, barks and grunts. They feed their young regurgitated food, for months. Black Vultures have keen eyesight but limited smell, so they follow Turkey Vultures to carrion.

While RonTom and I were on an adventure last week along and near the 45th parallel in Michigan (celebrating our 45 year milestone last December), a Mountain Cityian on Cedar left a voice message about a chicken roosting on their front porch. A chicken?! There’s always an unusual first.

We came home to unusual mid-August scenery, cleared curbsides and evidence of a nice rain. Ron, who does not have a keen sense of smell, commented on the fragrance wafting from purple Texas sage blossoms, as we walked KissMe down Ash on Monday morning. The blooming process of the “barometer bush” starts with high humidity or excessive soil moisture.

Upcoming Elections

I heard nothing high or excessive in the city’s proposed budget for October 2017 – September 2018. And, during the August council meeting, Vicki Senefeld, longtime city treasurer, commented that the city always brings in more than its budgeted income. The budget gets approved next month. If there’s an area where you’d like more of your tax dollars expended, speak to alderpersons in the interim.

Aug. 21 is the deadline to file for an alderman position. Only two citizens have filed for the three places on the ballot. Sorry, I found nothing (for me to copy and paste) about the filing procedure on the city’s website, nor on the city’s FaceBook page. If interested in filing, you should find a posting with instructions on the message boards at the city’s entrances.

If interested in seeing a tidbit in print, share it with me, please. Email (subject: tidbit) or leave a message at (512) 268-5678.

Thanks! Love to you, Pauline

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