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Wastewater plant project tops Wimberley residents concerns

Sewer woes were the main concern of a town hall meeting in Wimberely that was lead by Mayor Mac McCullough.

The meeting, held at the Wimberely Community Center, was meant for residents to voice their concerns regarding various issues in the city. Many voiced their disapproval at the current state of the city’s wastewater plant project.

The project’s development first began ten years ago and has remained a troublesome project for the city and a tiresome concern for residents.

Many citizens spoke in opposition of the city’s plan, raising issues of transparency, loan repayment, discharge and the legality of some votes.

“There’s hiccups in every project.” said McCullough as he addresses the audience’s concerns.

The wastewater plant, as currently proposed, has a $681,000 option to connect all properties to the system completely, while also decommissioning the current septic tanks.

The project has changed many hands since it’s inception, however McCullough guaranteed that the city has never deviated from the original plan.

“I’m completely comfortable with the numbers we’ve given,” said Mayor McCollough, “ I believe it’s the right thing to do.”

In a series of recent votes, the Wimberley City Council moved forward with the city’s proposed wastewater treatment plant.

The plants latest terms of the loan will now have to be approved by the Office of the Texas Attorney General. The council would then have the city engineer condition the bids before potentially accepting a bid and starting the project.

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