Residents decry Kyle’s beautification plan

A proposed long-range beautification plan in Kyle took on harsh criticism Tuesday as residents suggested the funds could be better spent elsewhere.

The plan, presented by Kyle City Manager Scott Sellers, is split into three initiatives, which include corridor beautification, Interstate 35 maintenance and downtown revitalization.

Downtown revitalization makes up the majority of the cost, which officials said is more of a “wish list” that could encompass $9 million.

Kyle is projecting to only spend $430,000 on the beautification plan in the 2018 fiscal year. The remaining $8.5 or so million could be spread out over the course of as many as ten years, Kyle officials said.

An estimated $5.56 million of that could be earmarked to the downtown streetscape on Center Street, which would extend east to I-35 and west to Rebel Road.

Several residents took to public comment to speak against the plan, saying the money could be going to other issues the city faces.

 Daphne Tenorio, Kyle City Council member, pointed out the total $9 million price tag and estimated the final cost could be $16 million.

“You sure have been spending a lot of the city’s money lately,” said Kyle resident Lila Knight.

Sellers defended the plan, saying Kyle has been focusing most of the city’s budget on infrastructure in the recent past, and that the project would help increase desirability of commercial and residential real estate.

However, Sellers said the plan is not entirely aesthetic. One of the measures includes  installation of “purple pipe,”  or pipe specifically designated to funnel treated wastewater to irrigate parkland and medians. That project would be adjacent to wastewater projects throughout Kyle, which are also present in the plan.

Sellers said while $100,000 would be used from the city’s current budget, the remaining cost would be covered by past budget funds

How much could Kyle spend on its beautification plan? 

Fiscal Year 2018 (proposed) 
• $430,000
“Future Wish List” 
• $8,512,000

Correction: In an earlier version of this story, we incorrectly reported Kyle’s beautification plan’s initial cost would be $9 million. The city is proposing to spend an initial $430,000 in Fiscal Year 2018, and could potentially spend $8.5 million over the course of the next 10 years. We apologize for the error. 

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