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Have those October calendars and a pen handy

Tuesday, Oct.3, Mountain Cityians will gather on the lawn of Beth and Everett Smith for an ice cream social on National Night Out. Bring a lawn chair. The Smith’s will furnish waters and ice cream treats. Judge Beth says, “Bring the kids and meet your local first responders, check out the equipment and chat with the neighbors.”

Thursday, October 5th, there’s no action or invitation for the citizenry. Nevertheless, it’s a red-letter date for Mountain City history. It’s the expected closing date for the purchase of the Mountain City Oaks Water System by the City from the family of John Anderson. Mr. Anderson, who developed most of Mountain City and cared deeply for our well-being, wanted the system sold to the City.

Some nearby communities whose water systems have been purchased by for-profit entities have experienced exponential rate increases. The city expects our rates to remain the same, with a minimum rate under $30.

Saturday, Oct. 28 (not Sept. 30) is Loving Mountain City’s biggest annual event, Fire & Ice. It’s a homegrown festival with ice cream and hot salsa competition, which grew from a brainstorming session in Amy Hilton’s living room, when Loving Mountain City first formed. Mountain City’s own Island Texas (made up mostly of our two Brownlow households) will once again provide music.

Amy Hilton (a.k.a. “MountainCityFun”) will pick up reins as the Loving Mountain City Events Coordinator through 2018. Penny Moulder did an amazing job the past two years, but she has personal business that prevents her from fulfilling the necessary tasks.

Loving Mountain City presented a budget request of $1,200 to the city alderpersons to fund Fire & Ice, Christmas activities, Easter egg hunt, Citywide Garage Sale’s ad, and 4th of July Parade, including hand-delivered (by scouts) fliers.

In the current year, LMC requested just over $1,000 in reimbursements. In recent years, some of the Loving Mountain City expenses have been paid by volunteers who are no longer in Mountain City or are no longer in a financial position to “float” Loving Mountain City’s activities for the citizens of Mountain City.

If you see Heritage Tree Service on our streets, they’re trimming overhanging tree limbs from the curb to 14 feet above to allow school buses and delivery trucks smooth passage. You’re seeing city tax dollars at work.

If you look closely, you may see a firefly in the early evening. On Monday evening, RonTom saw one.

Happy Aug. 24 Birthday, Penny Moulder.

Happy Aug. 17 Birthday, Diane (affectionately known as “Tootie”) Krejci.

Who in Mountain City has Aug. 21 eclipse travel stories to share? Please email (subject: TIDBIT) or phone (512) 268-5678.

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