Next solar eclipse in 2024

Harvey huffed. And he puffed. And he blew some big trees over in Mountain City. showed photos of several large trees that succumbed to the relentless wind and rain over the weekend. Many limbs (dead and alive, large and small) joined trees on the ground.

James Polk’s rain gauge showed just under 10 inches.

National Night Out (coming up, October 3rd) encourages neighbors to share contact info with one another.

Our neighbors came through like shining stars while we were out of town during the storm. As we left out to visit family, I sent a text message to three. During and after the storm, with texts and emails and Facebook, I received updates including photos. We enjoyed gentle rain in Deep East Texas and time with family, resting assured all was well on the homefront with no need to rush back.

During the storm, Commissioner Mark Jones delivered sand bags to folks in our precinct who responded to his offer through his Facebook page. Thanks, Mark.

After Harvey, photos appeared on NextDoor of downed trees with requests for recommendations. Beforehand, the Sheriff’s office dispersed warnings through NextDoor.

When a loud pop was followed by lights out on Monday, within minutes neighbors compared notes, figured out what happened, and contacted PEC.

Does it seem has overtaken FaceBook as the social media “go to” to communicate citywide? If you’d like an invitation to NextDoor, please let me know.

Penny Moulder made a dark discovery through Craigslist. She posted on her Facebook photos of the private spot where she and Jerry watched the total eclipse in quiet Tetonia Idaho, looking out over the Grand Tetons. How’d you manage that, Penny?

“I went to the Craigslist closest to Yellowstone in the path of totality and searched for eclipse. Many people were renting spaces in their yards on their Farms Etc. The lady I picked happen to be real estate agent and she had 20 acres in the middle of a hay field. No one else there but us.”

Penny’s and Jerry’s Great American Eclipse Adventure 2017 happened with an RV along a scenic route through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idado. As they headed towards Yellowstone from their eclipse viewing hayfield, they passed the long parade of vehicles who snagged a “special” spot for the eclipse inside the park.

We talked with Laverne McClendon the Saturday before this year’s eclipse, as she was preparing to leave with family to see the eclipse from St. Joseph MO. KissMe always wants to go up LaVerne’s driveway when we’re out walking to say, “Hello”.

The evening of the eclipse, my brother’s wife emailed from California asking if they can come visit in April 2024. April 8th, Mountain City will be in the path of totality just after 6:30pm.

I’ll breathe a sigh of relief if several readers send a tidbit, so that I need not pull threads from thin air. (subject: tidbit) or 512 268 5678  Thanks!

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