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Meeting in the middle: Area medium is in the business of healing

Austin area business owner Tracy St. Croi isn’t worried about the skeptics.

After all, when it comes to talking about her line of work, St. Croi understands the skeptics are a dime-a-dozen.

So when the question of ‘what is it like to be a medium?’  is asked, St. Croi doesn’t flinch when a noisy coffee shop suddenly gets eerily silent.

“At this point in my life, I live by the mantra that other people’s opinions of me are none of my business,” St. Croi said.

St. Croi, an evidential medium and intuitive in the Austin area who also services Hays County, said her psychic gifts were apparent to her as a child, but without the environment to cultivate those skills, she was left wondering what they were and how she could use them.

“I always had an inkling of some of these abilities from childhood, but I was never able to cultivate them at that point,” St. Croi said.

As an evidential medium, St. Croi delivers a message from those who have passed on to family and loved ones, in order to provide comfort and healing.

St. Croi is also able to help people in business as an intuitive where she can consult with a business over the phone or in person.

She taps into the energy flow of a location and people to determine what unseen obstacles need to be overcome for the business to succeed.

“I like to joke around and say they call me the psychic HR (Human Resources),” St. Croi said. “I like to help business owners achieve their goals in a way that’s ethical.”

St. Croi said she was working in the medical field before she started to work as a professional medium and intuitive in 2013 because she knew she always wanted to help people.

It wasn’t until she was in her 30s that St. Croi finally had to reassess her life and face truths about herself and her goals. After her self-realization, her connection to her psychic abilities was fully open.

St. Croi describes her ability as an intuitive like she describes a persons other senses, such as sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

She sees through her clairvoyance with her “psychic movie screen” and she can hear her spirit guides, as well as spirits of those who have already passed away, just as other people use their other five senses.

St. Croi said she advertises her business through social media platforms and traditional media, such as the newspaper. Many of her clients are referred by word of mouth.

Business is good for St. Croi, who said that since transitioning to working as a medium professionally in 2013, she has seen many more clients than she originally anticipated from all different backgrounds and socio-economic positions.

St. Croi said people are more open to alternative methods of healing and the power of psychic energy. Some need a psychic to guide them through that internal journey.

“I’m really into this industry because I’ve seen changes in people where they have let go of decades worth of grief and guilt and shame in a second,” St. Croi said. “And to me, that’s amazing.”

St. Croi even envisions a future where alternative medicine and therapeutic techniques and practices might even be covered under medical insurance as another way of helping people live healthier lives.

“I believe that one day western medicine and alternative medicine and healing practices from all over the world can walk hand in hand to really help people,” St. Croi said.

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