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City-wide sale and Fire & Ice coming up

Thanks to Beth and Everett Smith for hosting last Tuesday’s National Night Out, providing frozen treats, water, and jump houses for “who knows how many” kids. Monday evening, as the city alderpersons discussed reimbursing a portion of the cost of the inflated jump houses, someone estimated twenty kids played in them. Back home, I counted nine youngsters in a photo as we were gathered in a big circle listening the Mayor Taylor and others.  At that moment, most kids were having a riproaring fun time in the rentals.  It was a good crowd, for certain, with several new residents attending. Some arrived close to the 8 p.m. posted closing time, coming directly from work.

On Monday’s walk around the block, KissMe saw pink flamingos in Roland and Mary Garza’s front yard. We read to him the yard sign, “You’ve been flocked by Hays High School Project Graduation.” (photo by Pauline Tom)

Monthly city council meetings will start at 6 p.m. starting in November.

The next citywide gathering comes up soon, Saturday, Oct. 28. The 8th Annual Fire & Ice Festival starts at 4 p.m., same as last year. Salsa and Ice Cream Competition is scheduled 6:30-7 p.m. It costs nothing to enter. Participation makes the event more fun, and winners carry home a fun trophy. Email by Oct. 15 to get your name on the list.

There’s unlimited room for MC Kids Biz shops, 7-8 p.m. Registration, for free, is open through Oct. 15. It’s first come first serve on each “theme.” The first three shops are night glows, salty snacks and face painting.

Watch the Facebook page, “Loving MountainCity” (two words, total) for more details. Look for a grocery bag on your porch with a Fire & Ice flier, along with information about the Oct. 29, food drive.

There’s no need to look for the PEC Co-op monthly magazine with instructions on how to obtain a free shade tree. PEC had just 2,500 trees available, and they’ve all been claimed. PEC will make the offer again in April 2018.

There’s no need to look for info on the nighttime run later this month with a route through Mountain City. That run has been cancelled.

Thanks for asking about KissMe. We found a nifty dog stroller on CraigsList, to get him out and about while on four weeks of post-surgery confinement.

Watch for blue “Vs” on the pavement. Mr. Townsend, the operator for the new city of Mountain City water system, has marked the location of emergency cutoff valves.

Watch for anything of interest to share with neighbors through Montage. Send tidbits to (subject: Tidbit) or (512) 517-5678. Thanks! Love to you, PTom.

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