Know your candidates for Buda City Council Place 4: Paul Daugereau

Paul Daugereau will face off against Jose Montoya for the Buda City Council Place 4 seat. The Hays Free Press asked Buda City Council candidates the following questions. Answers are printed below.

Paul Daugereau

1.What is the biggest issue Buda faces today and why?

Infrastructure is our biggest issue and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. We do not have the proper roads and drainage in place to continue building at the same pace and expect to keep the same quality of life. Our rapid development is causing traffic and flooding due to increased population and impervious cover. Over the next five years we must complete the Flood and Traffic Mitigation Projects that were paid for by the 2014 Bond. We need to tackle the top areas of flooding and find new and innovative solutions to traffic bottle necks.

2. What do you bring to the table your opponent doesn’t? 

I work as a Municipal Contract Manager at a Fortune 250 Environmental Company where I manage several city contracts in and around Central Texas. As a result of direct relationships with multiple municipalities, I will bring a unique understanding of best practices in city policy and procurement to the Buda City Council.  I also serve on The Central Texas Council of Governments, served on the City of Buda Housing Committee and Chair the Whispering Hollow HOA-Festival Committee.  We coordinate the very successful annual Whispering Hollow community event known as the “South by Whispering Hollow Music and Crawfish Festival”.

3. Where do you stand on Buda’s Fluoride issue? 

Fluoride improved tooth decay when it was first introduced to water supplies in the mid 1940’s, but almost all modern toothpaste contains Fluoride now. To reintroduce it will add unneeded costs to the city and bring potential health hazards to our City Staffers who must handle it. We are starting to see more municipalities around the state decide that the benefits of Fluoride do not outweigh the risks and controversy it brings.

4. What is your take on the progress of Buda’s bond projects? 

I’m positive the City is working as fast as they can to complete these projects, and have made great progress on the Municipal and Public Safety Buildings. However, I would like to see the drainage and road projects started as soon as possible.

5. Is Buda managing its growth responsibly? 

So far, I think we are doing a good job. Small-town-charm must remain the goal though, even if we are developing into a larger city. With the expansion of Toll Road SH 45 SW to FM 1626 and the future development along the IH-35 Corridor, we will see extreme growth and change over the next five years. Now is the time to ensure Buda grows responsibly with its existing DNA, while remaining fiscally disciplined.

6. From an economic development perspective, what target industries do you feel Buda should focus on?

Buda should have the goal to bring a balanced mix of industry.  I believe we are now suited to explore targeting of more light industry, such as small manufactures of consumer goods. We could always use more local entertainment and restaurants as well. It would be great to work, live and play in Buda.

7. Should Buda switch to a single member district system or remain at-large and why? 

Single Member Districts are a great idea in principle, but has potential flaws. It is designed to ensure that every area of a city has representation. However, Buda may not be large enough to make this move right now. I fear that we will have a difficult time finding enough candidates who are willing to run. A perfect example is the current “At Large Election”. Any resident can run for any open position, yet half of the candidates, including the Mayor, are running unopposed. I believe a change to single member districts now may exacerbate this issue.

8. What was your favorite TV show growing up? 

Friends.  Still watch it all the time. The jokes never grow old.

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