Know your candidates for Buda City Council Place 5: Remy Fallon

Remy Fallon will face off against Clark Beach for the Buda City Council Place 5 seat. The Hays Free Press asked Buda City Council candidates the following questions. Answers are printed below.

Remy Fallon

1. What is the biggest issue Buda faces today and why? 

Buda’s biggest issue today is keeping up with how fast we are growing. It’s no question that Buda is a great place to live, but because of this rapid growth, our current infrastructure is continuously challenged. Traffic is heavier than I’ve ever seen it; our police department has a disproportionate officer to citizen ratio; our drainage projects must be prioritized so that our community doesn’t experience the same devastation we saw during the 2015 floods.

2. What do you bring to the table your opponent doesn’t? 

I have lived in Buda my entire life with no plans of leaving. I have seen this town evolve into what it is now and maintaining the small-town feel is extremely important to me. While I understand that growth and change is inevitable, I would like to ensure that what we are bringing into Buda and how we adjust to this growth is going to be what’s best for us.

3. Where do you stand on Buda’s fluoride debate? 

After speaking with residents on this very important issue, I am glad that this will be on the November ballot. It is the right of our citizens to choose whether or not they are medicated via our water supply.

4. What is your take on the progress of Buda’s bond projects? 

As a downtown business owner, I attended a meeting that discussed how our Main Street road project would affect our businesses. This bond was approved in 2014. While I understand that not everything can start immediately, the growth of this city demands that our bond projects are completed with urgency, on budget, and on time.

5. Is Buda managing its growth responsibly? 

Here are a few things I would like to see changed in order to keep up with this growth: expedite road projects to facilitate better traffic flow; be proactive in ensuring we have an adequate water supply; and hiring more police officers to ensure our city’s safety.

6. From an economic development perspective, what target industries do you feel Buda should focus on? 

Small businesses are essential to keeping Buda’s small town feel. We should focus on bringing close-to-home options of food and fun for the community. As a local business owner, it is important that we are supportive of Buda residents who hope to open a business here. Shopping and eating small is the best way to boost our economy.

7. Should Buda switch to a single member district system or remain at-large and why? 

The proposed charter amendment of 3 single-member districts and 3 at-large seats is the proper way to approach this before we go all in. While single-member districts are normally implemented to help ensure proper representation throughout the entire city, I personally believe that all elected officials should have an open door policy for the community to ask questions and voice concerns.

8. What was your favorite TV show growing up? 

Hands down, Saved by the Bell. Not the college years, not Good Morning, Miss Bliss, but the Zack, Kelly, Lisa, Slater, Screech, and Jessie episodes. My brother and I can quote obscure lines to each other via text and know exactly what episode and what was happening. Jessie Spano’s Presidency run inspired me to run for City Council. (Kidding!)

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