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RV park proposal sparks public outcry

Emotions rang high Oct. 10 as residents took to Kyle’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting to address concerns about a proposed rezoning of 25.72 acres that could allow a recreational vehicle (RV) Park along Dacy Lane near Seton Medical Center Hays.

While P&Z denied the rezoning request by a 6-1 vote, the developer chose to bring the item back to council Tuesday.

Kyle City Council Tuesday followed suit by denying the rezoning by a 6-0 vote.  Daphne Tenorio was absent during the vote.

The proposed RV park would be near Seton Medical Center as well as the Kensington Trails subdivision.

During the Oct. 10 P&Z meeting, residents from the Kensington Trails subdivision spoke during the item’s public hearing period, with many suggesting that the park would attract crime into the area.

Jay Jihal said those who live in RV parks typically don’t “connect” with the city they’re living in. Jibal was interrupted by P&Z Commissioner Pete Oppel, who claimed the statement was “a personal attack on him and his family.”

Oppel then excused himself, returning shortly to the public hearing.

“I just pray that you give this the right consideration, think with your heart and make the decision wisely,” said Dmitry Hobbs, president of the HOA at Kensington Trails

Hobbs, a 13-year police officer, said RV parks see a higher number of transients, sex offenders and those who can’t otherwise find housing and this increases the likelihood of crime-related incidents these areas.

Residents also raised the question on the type of RVs that would be located on the property.

Danny Green, who submitted the rezoning application, said the site would be comprised of 50 to 55 upscale RVs that would be in the price range of $300,000; the site would essentially run as a temporary housing option for vacationing families or retirees.

Flooding was a main concern among  commissioners and city staff as the property lies within the city’s 100-year flood plain.

The 100-year floodplain is the land that is predicted to flood during a 100-year storm, which has a 1% chance of occurring in any given year. 

“Much like yourselves I thought of the challenges going forward,” said Howard Koontz, Kyle community director. “The number one is the life safety issue of the flood plain itself, and for those of us who do this long enough you can understand that those are not insurmountable.”

Will Atkinson, Kyle city planner, said there are also no wastewater connections that could be connected to the park other than on-site septic tanks.

“We essentially don’t allow them (septic tanks),” said Atkinson. “If you’re within city limits and within 500 feet of a wastewater line you have to connect, you don’t have the option for septic. If you’re below the nearest point where there is a wastewater line that means you’re going to need a lift or a pump station”

Atkinson stated Kyle does not allow lift or pump stations as the city  leans more towards gravity fed stations due to limited manpower that these stations will require for maintenance.

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