HCISD trustees split on goals for 2017-18 school year

Despite concerns over a lack of definition, Hays CISD leaders Monday pushed forward with its annual goals, mission statement and beliefs for the school year.

Those goals, approved by a split 5-2 vote, came as a result of several workshops involving the board of trustees and Ann Dixon, who is the district’s acting superintendent. Trustees Willie Tenorio and Holly Raymond both voted against the district’s goals.

Tenorio was concerned concerns the district’s goals were not clearly defined, didn’t have enough structure and didn’t have enough “meat” to it.

He said the district’s goals also didn’t have enough tangible measurements for the district to assess success or failure. Tenorio’s concern was trustees could potentially be drawn into an argument at the end of the year on whether the district succeeded in accomplishing its goals.

Tenorio suggested goals such as getting “everyone reading at the same grade level in elementary schools.”

“There’s not enough measurements, or teeth in this, to know if we have something done on this or not,” Tenorio said.

Vanessa Petrea, Hays CISD at-large trustee, who voted in favor of the goals, also was concerned the district’s list lacked concrete, measurable goals.

Petrea said she brought similar concerns up at previous meetings, but felt there was push back against her.

“I’m surprised this is now coming up from veteran board members,” said Petrea. “Personally, I do like the beliefs, the mission, vision and goals.”

Trustee Holly Raymond questioned accountability regarding the goals and who would be responsible for them.

Meredith Keller, Hays CISD board president, said she was happy with the goals and felt trustees worked hard on them. Keller said it’s not the job of trustees to “put the meat” on goals.

However, Keller said the district may need to look at placing more definition to the goals, as leaders “don’t need to be guessing.”

“It’s also been available to us for quite some time for feedback. I think these are terrific and measurable things that can be shown to us to prove it out,” Keller said. “We’re also in a transition period with a new superintendent in January, hopefully, that will know who we are and where we want to go.”

Dixon placed ownership of the goals on trustees’ shoulders; she said trustees must give staff direction on where they want to take the district.

“It’s not ours. You give us the direction and have given us this,” Dixon said. “But where you want to measure it now, what satisfies you, we’re going to do that. But we need leadership from you.”

Hays CISD goals for 2017-2018 school year

The District will:

  • Ensure that all campuses meet or exceed standards as set by TEA through continuous evaluation and alignment of current and existing programs as necessary.
  • Pursue innovative programs and practices to maintain a competitive learning environment.
  • Promote a professional environment where employees are valued as partners.
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration between students, parents, staff and community.
  • Continue to develop and implement a capital improvement plan that serves the district’s demographics and growth.
  • Allocate district resources to maintain long term financial stability.

Hays CISD’s 2018 mission statement

  • The mission of Hays CISD is to nurture students to become extraordinary citizens through unique, personal educational experiences through an innovative community of learners while celebrating our diversity and legacy.

Hays CISD vision statement for 2018

  • All Hays CISD learners will be:
  • Academically prepared for college, career, and life
  • Effective communicators and collaborators
  • Globally competent and competitive
  • Prepared for life and citizenship

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