Another great year for Fire and Ice

All aboard!  At 4 p.m. on Saturday, the Ladybug Express made her inaugural run at Loving Mountain City’s Fire & Ice Festival, bringing a new dimension that literally expanded the event’s boundaries.   Tickets sales at the barrel train station all went to Sudden Unexpected Death of a Child Foundation. 

Ray and Janet Patterson created Ladybug Express in memory of their granddaughter, Brooklyn Rae Sowers.  Creative Janet painted the adorable barrels into ladybugs. Ray looked quite dapper in his conductor’s outfit.

The Ladybug Express, with Ray Patterson as conductor, made its Mountain City debut at the October 28th Fire & Ice. Proceeds from ticket sales went directly to the SUDC Foundation in memory of The Patterson’s granddaughter. (photo by Janet Patterson)

The Pattersons’ fundraiser was a success.  And, it’s probable the Ladybug Express will make more appearances in Mountain City, raising more money for the cause that is frequently confused with SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Janet explains, “SIDS is for kids under 12 months. SUDC is for kids over 12 months.”

Fire & Ice returned with renewed energy, infused by Amy (aka “Mountain City Fun”) Rae Hilton. She’s back! What a difference Amy makes for Mountain City with her vision and energy. Amy produced and oversaw the whole shebang.

Thanks to generous event sponsors, some budget money from Mountain City, and free corn dogs (donations accepted) by BSA Troop 125, this year’s event was free for adults and children. 

The tasty, hand-breaded corn dogs had many asking for the batter recipe.

Booths offered rock painting, fall craft activities, and pumpkin painting.

Amy led children through several rounds of tug of war with Loving Mountain City’s fresh new rope.

Families enjoyed the new corn hole game, painted with Loving Mountain City’s logo by Kesa Larsen. Too, she printed the posters (designed by Amy Hilton) for LMC’s new red sandwich boards at city entrances.

This year’s festival even had “kid’s booths”, giving our kiddos an opportunity to raise some money.

Jarret Porterfield was the third-time winner for ice cream, while 12-year-old CJ Taylor got top awards for salsa. (photo courtesy of Paulin Tom)

The fire (salsa) and ice (ice cream) competition took place just before the band. The winners walked away with cool custom trophies.

Driveway Lights performed live from 7-9 p.m.

As (last minute) coordinator of the raffle, I extend heartfelt gratitude to the donors of raffle items, who responded to (last minute) requests.

The donated raffle items raised money for Loving Mountain City.  Loving Mountain City is an organization that’s doing more than providing “fun”.  LMC provides community partnerships and growth.  It brings together first responders and community. Throughout the year, the organization oversees in kind donations to local charities. 

On Sunday afternoon, Troop 125 collected from beside our mailboxes 40 bags of nonperishables for the Hays County Food Bank.

Such is life in our little city, sometimes called a “slice of paradise”.

Loving Mountain City needs someone with necessary equipment to place our new (in 2016) LED lights onto the high branches of the Big Oak Tree at City Hall. We’re hoping for a well-lit tree to welcome residents back after Thanksgiving.  They lights need to come down after Christmas. If willing, please contact me. 

If willing to send a tidbit, email or phone 512 268 5678.  Thanks!  Love to you, Pauline

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