Score of dogs recovered from Niederwald home

More than 20 dogs were seized from a Niederwald man’s home Nov. 2 after authorities suspected maltreatment of the animals.

However, authorities are not currently pursuing animal cruelty charges against Sam Woods, of Niederwald, after he claimed several of the injured dogs were strays and not his. Authorities also claim they are currently unable to prove whether all of the dogs are owned by Woods.

Hays County Animal Control officers were dispatched to the 1200 block of Schubert Lane Oct. 30 after a nearby resident complained of a large number of dogs roaming the neighborhood and were not contained per county ordinance.

The resident also said a few of the dogs were “emaciated to the point of concern.”

When Animal Control officers visited the property, they found several of the dogs had skin issues, while some others were in need of medical attention. Authorities asked for one of the dogs to be euthanized after it lost the use of its back legs, was “caustically burned by urine,” and had open sores on all four feet.

When they entered the home, conditions were “very poor” and there was an “overpowering smell of urine.” The home also had feces and urine all throughout.

Animal Control asked for and were issued a warrant of seizure on Oct. 31, and began to prepare arrangement with the San Marcos Animal Shelter to house the dogs.

Authorities executed the warrant Nov. 2; Woods complied and assisted authorities in collecting the dogs.

Authorities discovered 20 of the 21 dogs recovered from Woods’ property were living inside of the home. None of the dogs had vaccination records on hand.

During a hearing overseen by Hays County Pct. 5 Justice of the Peace Scott Cary, Woods said “dogs are like family” and he had allowed animals that had gone stray from the area to stay on his property.

“Mr. Woods, it’s apparent to me you love dogs, but it’s also apparent to me you’re not equipped to take care of them,” Cary said. “For anyone to have 21 dogs … that’s ridiculous.”

Cary ordered Woods to pay $1,200 to reimburse the San Marcos Animal Shelter for taking in the animals.

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