Friendsday Thanksgiving – we give thanks

Friendsgiving is all the rage these days; the event of friends getting together for their own “Thanksgiving” is usually held on the Wednesday before or Friday after the official Thanksgiving.

But it is an incredible event when your family Thanksgiving turns into a Friendsgiving.

That’s what I am thankful for.

My husband’s aunt and uncle have always opened up their home to anyone in need of a place to go – whether they don’t have family, have few family members around, or can’t travel to visit their own family.

The event at their home has grown over the years, with some “non-relations” turning into “family members” after years of attendance. Their home is open all day, as people stop by; there are usually more than 60 people who sit down to dinner on the tables scattered throughout the house and the backyard. (Thank goodness for Texas weather allowing this huge gathering to spill into the outdoors.)

Each table is delicately and beautifully decorated. There are flowers, vines, gourds, table cloths … you never know what creative things will be found.

The food is such a variety, as everyone brings enough for their own family, and that is then shared with all. After a few years, a few of the comers are expected to bring what is believed to be their specialty.

And the host family – John and Nancy Osgood – work so hard to brine, then bake the turkey, smoke the brisket, set out their own goodies. After hours and hours of work, when guests begin to arrive, they are always greeted with smiles and a wonderful hug from Nancy and bellowing welcome from John.

As we always gather in a giant circle in the backyard, holding hands and saying that we are thankful for, it turns to people saying that they are so thankful to be a part of the giant friend circle at the Osgood home in north Austin.

Here, here.


So what are you thankful for? Let us know. Send us your family/friend photos from this year’s event. The sun should be shining, the weather will be great.

Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers.

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