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In August there was an article in the Hays Free Press in which the Code Enforcement Division of Kyle asked that with the recent rains overgrowth of vegetation was going to be a problem and that landowners had a responsibility to keep their sidewalks, property and ditches properly mowed and kept clean of rank vegetation and grass more that 12 inches. Specifically code #280 is the issue here. And the code enforcement division was asking citizens to report violations of this code by calling 512-262-3914.

So, being a civic-minded individual I phoned them and told them about the Dollar General across and down the street from the Kyle post office.

One would have to see it to believe it.

The rank vegetation is formidable, the most noticeable being the poverty weed brush on the NE and in the retention pond.  The trash in the parking lot and on the ground drifting to adjacent property is insulting. Weeds overgrowing the curbs and sidewalks make the place look almost abandoned.

I called the code enforcement division of Kyle police dept. I spoke to Lupe. Nothing got done. I called 3 more times. Nothing still. I went up the chain of command to Sgt. Jacob Luria, who explained to me for several reasons tracking down those responsible could be difficult as some are absentee owners and at best it’s a very slow process. And he said that the more complaints they get about a certain property, the faster they act.

So after my initial contact in September and several conversations about the atrocious condition of the DG property I finally got a call from Lupe on Nov 20 saying they were working on DG’s compliance. Yeah, you betcha.

So I invite anyone reading this to drive to Rebel Rd DG and see it for himself. And become aghast at the mess they have allowed. And then make the call to the number above.

If the code enforcement division doesn’t act on these multiple complaints then the Police Department just might as well abandon the idea of code enforcement and relocate the officers to other departments. Leave the code book on the empty desk with the cobwebs though as a reminder of the diffidence of the city to enforce their own laws.

Ray Wolbrecht

DDS retired


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