Main relocation triggers Stage 4 water restrictions in Dripping Springs

The relocation of a water transmission main is forcing the West Travis County Public Utility Agency (WTCPUA) to enact Stage 4 restrictions across most of the Dripping Springs area until Dec. 8.

The restriction begins at 8 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Robert Pugh, general manager of the West Travis County Public Utility Agency (WTCPUA), said the agency is working to relocate 150-feet of a 20-inch main located along U.S. Highway 290 west of Nutty Brown Road.

As a result of the relocation, however, the agency is enacting Stage 4 conservancy measures for many of its major customers, including the city of Dripping Springs and the Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation. The restrictions will be in effect until 5 p.m. Dec. 8

Stage 4 water restrictions are enacted during water emergencies including main relocations, major water line breaks, loss of distribution pressure, or pump system failures that cause substantial loss in its ability to provide water service, according to the WTCPUA website.

Pugh said the agency has a wholesale agreement with the DSWSC and the city to provide water. Pugh said the DSWSC, which obtains water from WTCPUA and from its own wells, is the agency’s biggest customer.

Pugh said the main relocation is being done to accommodate the Belterra Village development, a 93-acre mixed use development located near Belterra Drive. The development is proposed to have 200,000 square feet of retail space along Highway 290 and is expected to have more than ten acres of hike-and-bike trails.

However, for the development to connect entrance ingress and egress points onto U.S. 290, Pugh said the agency must lower the transmission main in elevation by five feet. Pugh said such a relocation “doesn’t happen very often.”

Once the main is taken out of service and the relocation takes place, no water will be sent out to customers for roughly eight hours.

Pugh said the DSWSC will assist by converting supply to well water during the three-day period.

“Because we have to take that main out of service, which serves major customers west of Nutty Brown Road, we need those customers’ assistance to help conserve water for a few days,” Pugh said.

Under Stage 4 measures, PUA customers are asked to eliminate “non-essential water uses,” which includes irrigation of land, as well as irrigation of golf course greens, tees and fairways.

Fire hydrant use will be limited to firefighting and activities necessary to maintain public health, according to the agency’s website.

Neighborhoods affected by the water main relocation: 

Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation

City of Dripping Springs


Reunion Ranch

Sawyer Ranch


Hays County WCID Number 1 and 2



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