Cast your ballot for Mountain City lights

Mountain City residents with an email address are invited to complete the 2017 Christmas Light and Display Recognition Ballot at this weekend. The voting will take place Friday at dark through 10 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 10.

Visitors to our house commented on how nice the city looked with many Christmas lights and displays in place before the end of November. Yes! It’s a citywide effort. 

Donna Helm, who lives way up on Pecan, saw the funny sight our neighbors have seen recently when she took her grands on the golf cart to see lights and displays. A steer from a neighboring ranch keeps breaking through the fence to eat the hay from our nativity scene. We end up with a partially live scene.

Live cattle decided to join in on this Mountain City nativity scene display. (photo courtesy of Pauline Tom)

Christine Greve named the bovine “Betsie The Bull.” The red and white beauty knocks the spotlights from the bale by the road after munching on the loose hay on the ground. Only in Mountain City.

Betsie The Bull dropped a calling card one morning. RonTom offered to shovel the manure. With just a bit of thought, I asked him to leave it as a reminder that Jesus was born in a dirty, smelly stable. Jesus left the splendor of heaven. Amazing love.

The Christmas story will come alive nearby at Fellowship Church’s annual “Night in Bethlehem” presentation, Friday through Sunday, 6 – 8:30 p.m., in the parking lot. It’s absolutely free.

If you visit, please come see me in at the Hospitality Tent where about 3,000 hot chocolates and homemade cookies will be handed out.

Roland and Mary Garza pulled their Christmas light-decorated trailer through Mountain City for some on the DecorScouts team on Monday evening. The decorated trailer won an award in Buda’s nighttime parade last weekend, filled with drama students.

It will be used for Loving Mountain City’s hayride on Friday evening, Dec. 15, as kiddos go past Mountain City’s award winning houses during the Santa Party.

Some wonder what in the world Christmas lights have to do with the celebration of Jesus’ birth. I was reminded that Martin Luther added lights to Christmas trees to signify that Jesus is the “light of the world”.

I wonder what in the world it would be like to sit down to put Montage together and have leftover material because several tidbits came in during the week. Please send tidbits to (subject: Tidbit) or leave a message at 512 268 5678. Thanks!

Love to you, Pauline

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