Welcoming 2018 with Mt. City neighbors

Happy New Year! 

January 1st brought Amy “MountainCityFun” Hilton her 40th birthday.

January 2nd, RonTom turned 71.

Happy Birthday, Amy and Ron.

January 1st brought the surprise and wonder of miniature ice sculptures across Mountain City.Christine Greve posted on Facebook photos of her ice flowers and a link to the Wildflower Center’s information on Frostweed.

Christine lives cattycornered across the street from us. Most of our neighbors know her through the annual Christmas gathering we host for our Nearest  Neighbors at the end of Live Oak Drive.

Some have wondered how we make a party happen. On Facebook, I shared our simple plan:

An Easy-to-Do Christmas Gathering for Nearest Neighbors (same plan, year after year). It’s working well close to Christmas, after calendars clear.

1. Hand deliver a sheet of paper with details: date, time, “bring appetizer or dessert.” No need to spend money on a stamp.

2. Set out an appetizer and cookies (for first arrivers) and beverages

3. Optional: name tags.  Paper and safety pins work fine.

4. Optional: create an annual tradition, such as “guess quantity of candy pieces in a container”.


For over 20 years, most every year we’ve held a Christmas gathering. Oh, what a blessing for us and our neighbors.

In 2017, as we held hands around our pool table with Ron Tom asking God’s blessing on our gathering and His blessings on our neighbors, my heart almost burst with joy. Oh, how blessed we are with neighbors at the End of Live Oak Drive.

For 2018, as in years past, I’m grateful for readers and appreciate tidbits. Send tidbits to ptom5678@gmail.com (subject: tidbit) or leave a message at 512-268-5678.  Thanks!  Love to you, Pauline

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