‘What can I do to help in Mountain City?’

Loving Mountain City needs a helping hand in obtaining names and contact information for the 2018 Mountain City Directory.

111 of 236 houses have responded. If you have not responded or do not remember if you’ve provided information for the directory, please email mountaincitydirectory@gmail.com and ask for the electronic link to the form. If you do not have email, perhaps a friend or relative will lend you a helping hand.

If it seems you’ve received multiple requests for contact information, you have. Loving Mountain City, a community service group, is collecting for the directory. The City of Mountain City is collecting for water system notifications. The data collections coincided.

How much are water rates going up now that the city purchased the water system? Well, that’s easy. Not at all.

Already, the city discovered a few meters not reading and at least two reading way too much. In the interim between now and the installation of new water meters starting mid-February, these meters will be temporarily replaced.

The city anticipates electronic water bill payments will be available within two months.

Kyle Fire Department (our fire department is not a city of Kyle entity) purchased the house at 201 Mountain City Drive in December. Eric Perucca’s business, Hands and Feet, is transforming the house into a fire department.

Eric gave the council the good news that the construction will not require removal of the massive oak nor the large oak limb. Eric said to attendees, “Anyone want some rocks?” If interested, contact Eric.

If interested in helping with Loving Mountain City, contact Amy Hilton, lovingmountaincity@gmail.com. Ask, “What can I do to help?”

And, as any event approaches, check the Loving MountainCity Facebook for volunteer opportunities.

At an event, find the “lead” person and ask, “What can I do to help?” That’s how Patricia Porterfield got involved. She showed up at events and asked, “What can I do to help?”

Kesa and Lucas Larson, Block Printing and relatively new on the block, jumped in to help Loving Mountain City. They produced the lovely full-color posters that appeared on LMC’s sandwich boards in December. Lucas served as a Décor Scout, and he placed the Christmas Décor recognition signs while Ron and I were mini-mooning. Thanks so much, Kesa and Lucas.

Thanks to all in Mountain City who came together to “Light Up the City” in December. The vision of former mayor, Laverne McClendon, truly became a reality. Fifteen years ago, the city council started “Let’s Light Up The City.” Those little green Christmas trees and the painted white recognition signs are work from her own hands, and those of Ralph Sr.

The lighting was an immense community effort by Mountain City. And, over 150 opened the online document listing the recognized displays.

Eastern Bluebirds are lighting up my life. They’ve shown up in recent days at our Owl Shack and big boulder bird bath.

Montage can use a helping hand. Please email tidbits to ptom5678@gmail.com (subject: tidbit) or leave a message at 512-268-5678. Thanks! Love to you, Pauline

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