A New Year’s revolution

My sister, Betty Ann Stoub, came to Texas from Illinois, with her husband, Tom, to attend the book launch for my latest novel, “The Fifth Trumpet: Fire in the Blood.” She had trained her dog, Maggie, who just recently had died, to compete in obedience competition.  I worried what she would think of Goldie, but she said, unsolicited, that Goldie was “well behaved!” Was I ecstatic to hear that! It was music to my ears.

I don’t adhere to making resolutions for myself, like losing 20 pounds, exercising more, or reading more.  But I don’t hesitate to make them for my dog.  Goldie needs to learn to walk without straining her leash. Also she needs to continue to learn how not to jump up on company, and most of all, she needs to learn how to come when called while she is off her leash.

Thoughts of these improvements in Goldie’s behavior came to mind as I have been watching the furor over President Trumps comments about Haiti and African countries as “s…thole” countries. Short of his mother sitting him down and washing his mouth out with soap, what can we do?

First of all, I am enraged over how Trump has systematically demeaned the stature of the Presidency to new lows.  There is no reformation for that other than to get someone – anyone – else in the office of President to restore America’s good name at home and abroad. Second, we need to continue to let him know his brand of buffoonery will not be tolerated in the most powerful position on the face of the planet.  And third, and most important, we need to continue to stand up for the people Trump continues to disparage by saying these people don’t deserve to come to our country.

I’m sorry to say that I will make much better headway on my goals for Goldie to become a better dog than Trump will be able to become a better person, while there is no repairing his status as the worst President these United States have ever seen.

Mark W Stoub is a retired Presbyterian minister and author of two novels: “Blood Under the Altar,” and “The Fifth Trumpet: Fire in the Blood.”

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