Tiger basketball comes back against Marble Falls

On a two-game win streak and with momentum on their side, the Dripping Springs Tigers rang in another win of the season against the Marble Falls Mustangs Friday at Tiger Gym.

The Tigers, who earned a 48-29 win over Mustangs, never trailed in the game.

Defense was key to keep the ball away from Mustang point guard Josh Mosley. Tigers’ head coach Craig Swannack said his team did a good job on coverage against Mosley.

“He is the head of the snake and he is incredibly dangerous and we revolved the whole game plan around making sure we got the ball out of his hands,” Swannack said. “We really tried to confuse him with a lot of different coverages and we were really, really lucky that the guys executed really well, they did great.”

The Tigers held a 19-8 first quarter lead.

In the second quarter, the Mustangs tried to execute more with every opportunity given to them, but the Tigers weren’t letting up.

With every shot taken, the Tigers were there for the rebound and headed into halftime with a 30-16 lead.

The third and fourth quarters saw more shots come from the Tigers offense, but Marble Falls attempted to craft a comeback. The Mustangs had more scoring opportunities in the final moments of the game and kept battling until the end.

With another win for Dripping Springs, Swannack said his team needs to head into the next game with their heads on their shoulders.

“The big thing I think is trying to move on when you have a big win – it’s convincing a bunch of 16- and 17-year-old boys to go back to work on Monday,” Swannack said. “That’s going to be the hard thing, understanding that one of the things we preach is to never get too high after a win and never too low after a loss.”

With a lot of players out due to sickness and injuries, the game against the Mustangs was the first game with everyone back.

Tigers’ senior Spencer Johnson said he was proud of his team and the way they played against the Mustangs.

“This was one of the best games that we have had as a group,” Johnson said. “It felt really good to be out there. We had a couple of people who were sick and it was great to have everyone back, it was a fun time.”

Now 3-2 in the district and with everyone ready and healthy, the Tigers look to gain momentum as the season continues.

“We are starting to get healthy and really starting to show what we can be about at the right time, right now I think these guys are loving basketball and want to keep playing,” Swannack said.

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