The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming

This is part of a point-counterpoint column. See “Tutta’s Take” here.

The movie using the above title was a comedy about making much ado about nothing –  much like what we are seeing today. What’s happening with the Trump family, Donald’s son, Uraniumgate, the hacking of DNC files, the ex-FBI special prosecutor … in a few years we’ll be laughing at this fiasco. Politics makes fools of those who get in too deep. I refer to those clowns Fredrica Wilson from Florida and Maxine Waters from California, et al.

Let’s go back five years to Barack’s hot mike to Russian president Medvedev when BHO said to him, “Tell Putin after the election I’ll have more flexibility to deal with him, like on missile defense. So tell him to give me some time” or something close to that. Does that smell funny like expected future collusion and concessions with Russians during BHO’s 2nd term … maybe? And when Hillary was Sec of State, does it smell odd that some of our future uranium ore was sold to the Russians followed by a $145 million donation to the Clinton Foundation?  Hillary says she was out of the loop on that deal. Really? Her minions went behind her back? Obama approved that w/o Hillary’s input?

The DNC accused Russians of hacking their top secret info before the election -like the Russians were working for Trump? But the DNC refused to give the info to the FBI so they might investigate.

At this time the special counsel Mueller will hand over a “sealed” indictment in the case of what Trump’s campaign staff members planned with the Russians.

And the Russians fronted political ads on Facebook?

This whole thing makes me laugh.

So Russians are meddling with America’s elections and that, to some, is horrifying and cause for great alarm.

Didn’t BHO openly oppose the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu with about $350,000 of taxpayer money? Our government meddles with other countries’ elections yet we’re shocked when others do the same to us. How could the Russians work for Trump when they know the Clintons are bribable (considering the Russian donation to the Clinton foundation)? It seems that the Clintons and Democrats would be more favorable to their whims than a semi-unpredictible Trump.

This whole thing is illogical and comical. There’s a special place in newspapers titled “Funnies”.

Like all past special counsels appointed to ferret out scandals, and House and Senate investigations to get to the bottom of the latest outrage, it’s all for show. They happen to make us think the government is on top of it and it satisfies us in the short run and gives us hope for awhile until the subject gets old and our attention is diverted to some other outrage like the national anthem knee-benders. What’s really happening is merely, and no more than, ripples in the swamp. Both Right and Left are culpable.

We’ll laugh later, but the Russians are laughing now. What is nyuk, nyuk, nyuk in Russian?

That’s what I think but I could be wrong, you know.

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